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Untold Fable is a global content production company giving clients the optimal blend of human expertise and digital automation to deliver high-quality, digitally native audio and video content, at pace.

Our unique model combines a global network of production talent, curated and built with diversity at its heart, on-demand agency services, and a technology platform that supports seamless project management.


We’ve designed our technology platform and business to deliver the future we want to see, where diversity in production is the norm, not the exception. We connect brands with new perspectives and voices, and through increased transparency and richer data, we can support them on their own diversity journeys.


At the heart of Untold Fable is our commitment to increasing diversity at every stage of content production. It’s why our global network of production talent is proudly open to all. It’s how we can connect brands with diverse talent, experiences and skill sets, anywhere. And it’s how we create meaningful content that truly reflects its world.


What’s in a name? Untold is about the untapped and the undiscovered; the opportunity and the potential. We’re dedicated to uplifting and celebrating underrepresented voices, collaborating with the world’s biggest brands to tell new stories, in new ways.

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All production talent are welcome to join our global network. If you’re a brand and like the idea of working differently and purposefully, we’d love to hear from you.